Corston Architectural Detail.

We have spent the last five months renovating our basement. It’s the biggest project we have undertaken during the twenty three years we have lived in our Edwardian terrace home. We have learnt many lessons during our long and slow renovation journey and it has been good to put them into practice during this final…

The Renovation Game.

Falling in love with an old house is a lifestyle choice. It will take years of your life and cost you way much more than you will ever know, but these old girls get under your skin. I take the view that we are custodians of these wonderful buildings, nurturing them and bringing them back…

Small Garden Design.

As we are still eagerly waiting for the builder to start work down below thought I’d treat you to a little garden tour this week. The first stage of the basement renovation was reconfiguring our tiny back garden. For a long time we had wanted to replace the bay window in the dining room with…

The Utility

No big surprise here, this room will be the utility room like it always has been. I wonder how many hours I’ve stood down here ironing in all the years we have lived here? It’s cold, dark, musty and if we have had heavy rain there is a puddle. It’s pretty grim. The decorations are…


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