Room two.

Where the hell is she going with this one? I hear you ask. Settle down and pull up a seat, it’s going to take a lot of explaining and even more imagination. Welcome to the snug. This was the room We knew we could have a bit of fun with, the other two spaces wereContinue reading “Room two.”

My Vision.

Of course I could talk to you about tanking and supporting walls but I’m afraid that’s not the way I roll. I always start every project at the end. I need to be able to visualize the finished space and then work backwards. Next I begin sourcing products and materials. The practicalities, whys and whereforesContinue reading “My Vision.”

Before we begin.

Our home is a four floor Edwardian end terrace, you get a lot of square footage for your money in old properties; We have a basement, with outside access and windows; the ground floor know as ‘downstairs’; the first floor (upstairs); and an attic floor with two good sized rooms and a staircase. The floorContinue reading “Before we begin.”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Joanne.

Interior styling and content creator.

You will find me on instagram @hardcastletowers

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