Corston Architectural Detail.

We have spent the last five months renovating our basement. It’s the biggest project we have undertaken during the twenty three years we have lived in our Edwardian terrace home. We have learnt many lessons during our long and slow renovation journey and it has been good to put them into practice during this final project.

Renovating one whole floor simultaneously, whilst not having to live amongst the mess, has been a luxury we have not been afforded during previous projects. Being able to strip everything back to what is essentially a blank canvas is something we have not been able to do before. However, it has led to a hell of a lot of decision-making; the sheer amount of daily decisions can become overwhelming,

The planning and mood board stage are often the points where the big decisions about colour, design and functionality are made, but it’s equally as important to consider the small details here so that you don’t come unstuck and make hurried choices that you’ll come to regret. As you touch and use switches and sockets daily, careful thought should be given to these.

Sockets and Switches

Choosing stylish sockets and switches will elevate your finished project and leave the space with a well-designed and considered aesthetic. I have chosen Bronze switches and sockets from CORSTON ARCHTECTUAL DETAIL, and they do make a statement. Over time, the natural bronze colour will patina on the areas touched most often, giving each piece individual character.

Each item comes in its own dust bag within a box, which feels so luxurious to open, just like a gift. The creative designers and engineers have created a product with a shared vision to create hand-finished architectural details that seamlessly flow from room to room.


Of course, it was important that the lights we chose fitted in with the scheme as perfectly as the sockets and switches. This little nook has been made into a day bed; as it’s a basement room, there is not much natural light; it was the perfect spot for these Claremont wall lights.

These are operated by super stylish dimmer switches to create the perfect ambience.

Finishing Touches 

I think you’ll agree that these products are the perfect finishing touch to our basement renovation and give it the luxurious feel that we wanted to achieve.

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