Not all girls love pink.

We were never really planning to decorate this bedroom, I loved the Cole and Son wallpaper far too much. Unfortunately the little one wasn’t as keen, so when an email from Murals wallpaper dropped into my inbox how could I resist?

There was so much choice on the website, at first I thought I would like to try to save the existing wallpaper and go for something to complement that, I rather fancied one of these Maps, but eventually settled on this Beautiful galaxy one.

The next bizarre coincidence was Graham and Brown getting in touch with me asking me to try out their new app. It was fabulous because I could see what different colours would look like on the wall before I committed to buying them, and I settled on a beautiful damson colour which I had picked out of the mural. I used the app to cover up the existing wallpaper I knew it had to go.

I hastily took a few before shots, because have you even decorated if you don’t?

I think you can agree it was pretty grim!

There had been a fitted wardrobe in one of the alcoves ever since we had moved in, they weren’t very nice to look and the problem was it was now too narrow. It had been perfectly fine when it just housed tiny children’s clothes, but the doors were unable to close now that there were bigger hangers in there. Luckily Jack and I had won a competition at the Casa collective meet up, and with my prize allowance I chose a gorgeous wardrobe which would fit perfectly in the space from Owo living

Once the wardrobe was removed, the mural could be hung. It went up really easily and we were amazed with the results. The rest of the walls needed a couple of coats of the fabulous damson paint and the room was ready to style. The galaxy wallpaper dominated the room, so it was obvious to stick with a space theme.

This is always the fun bit, I always have a picture in my mind about how the finish project will look and often start shopping for accessories before we have even bought the paint!

My first stop for bedding is always Christy. I knew exactly the range which would fit in there perfectly. I chose a beautiful polka dot brushed cotton quilt cover and pillow case and finished off the look with this stunning infinity and beyond throw and matching cushions.

The pretty star cushion is from Meggyandme.

I had seen a shelf I wanted but couldn’t find it to buy anywhere on line, and in the timescale I needed. This one was whipped up in no time by Tim, I think you’ll agree that it’s just right for this space, and allows for plenty of faffing and styling opportunities.

The velvet floor cushion is from Scape interiors Leigh and makes a super cosy reading area. If you use the discount code HARDCADTLE50 you’ll get 50% off a cushion of your own.

I really wanted to make an effort to get some unique art for this room.

I was thrilled when Jazz from 5iftyprint contacted me and asked me if I’d like to work with her to create these amazing pieces. I loved the origami prints she already had available and asked her if she could do some more to reflect my little ones loves; mermaids, sharks and unicorns. I was blown away when I saw what Jazz had created but I love them even more in situ because I think they look just like star consolations. Each print offered is 1/50 and available in a range of sizes. As I’ve explained they offer commissions and all the pieces are produced with the environment in mind, from the paper and the printers they use through to the packaging the orders are sealed in. There is a little discount code available HARDCASTLE20 Which will give you 20% off your next order right up until the end of 2019.

These other fab prints from independent brands are;

The star man print is from Dip Dip Design.

The pink moon is Ink and tot

And the lion is Nova loves.

The whole look was pulled together with some bespoke bunting, from Rachel’s handmade with love, fairy lights, a belly basket of dreams from Anna’s Interior Attic Shop.

My space girl is over the moon with her new supercool bedroom, I can’t tell you how thrilled she is with the finished look.

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