The Utility

No big surprise here, this room will be the utility room like it always has been. I wonder how many hours I’ve stood down here ironing in all the years we have lived here? It’s cold, dark, musty and if we have had heavy rain there is a puddle. It’s pretty grim.

The decorations are still hanging from my husbands 40th Birthday party we had down here years ago. It was a bloody good party. I’m the one in the blond wig, Tim is in the ginger wig and his Dad’s cardy. We were dressed at George and Mildred.. Aunty Hayley was Babs Windsor and Grandad was Bruce Forsyth. Looking at old photos is making me so excited to party agaon.

My vision.

However, there is a lot of work to do before anyone is going to be dancing down there again.

I envisage a clean slick space with a place for everything. A table or island in the middle of the room will provide extra work space for when we are all working from home, or working on craft projects. I hope that when the ugly window is removed this space will be flooded with light from the glass floor in the garden above. I adore the original tiles but think they are beyond saving, lets hope I can find a way to incorporate one or two into the design.

Utility Must Haves.

  • A Washing machine
  • A tumble dryer
  • A freezer
  • A fridge (will be used to store half bottles of tonic water and beer, until 24th December when it will come into its own and be full of trifle, stuffing balls and blanched sprouts.
  • An (new) ironing board hidden in a cupboard, an iron.
  • Somewhere to hide my ironing (bit of a theme here).
  • A Christmas food cupboard to stash turkey flavored crisps, stolen, mince pies etc. from October onwards.

Things I need to find a home for.

  • An axe
  • A crowbar
  • A roof box
  • 9 vases
  • 5 cafetites
  • A collection of Royal mugs.
  • A Lyles’ golden syrup tin collection.
  • Various novelty cake tins
  • A Bar Billiards table
  • Half a tonne of logs

Do you think this will do it?

Update on last weeks plans.

  • Finalise the utility room plans to share with you.
  • Narrow down tile choices for shower room, still working on this.
  • Contact gas and eclectic to move meters. Blimey it’s going to cost a fortune!
  • Try not to pester builder. I can solemnly swear i have not rung or texted him once.

Plans for this week.

  • We are just waiting patently for the trades to start.
  • We’ve been super busy sprucing up our back yard which looks down into the room, I’ll show you that next week.

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