My Kitchen Trend Preditions for 2021.

Paid partnership with Magnet Kitchens.

We have all spent so much more time at home over the last twelve months and we have, more than ever before, noticed our surroundings; wanting to improve them and to make changes. Making our house into a home that works better for us. Builders have never been as busy, and supplies are in short demand.  If you have made the decision to update your kitchen here are some things to consider.


Kitchens are moving away from safe tones of white and cream and shades which were previously used as accent colours are moving to the forefront. Expect to see colours inspired by nature, wood cladding and dark blues and greens, finished with hardware in matt black or warm toned metals such as gold and brass, as seen here in the Magnet Integra Soho kitchen in Green Olives.

Integra Soho Olives

Magnet’s extensive Create range is the perfect solution for anyone looking to incorporate colour into the home, as the kitchens come in five standard colour options, with fifteen more colourways that can be made to order. This huge range of colour options mean that you can choose a shade that not only looks good, but makes you feel good too.

Another colour trend for this year is pastel ice cream colours. I am seeing more and more of these sugared almond-colored kitchens, they are such fun and happy spaces harking back to a more innocent time of diners, milkshakes and ponytails. How can this gorgeous space from @paintthetownpastel not make you happy?

Super Living Kitchens.

We are all looking forward to happier days and we’re hoping that it won’t be long before we can meet with friends and entertain at home. I see kitchens continuing to become a fun place to hang out, socialise and spend time in. The kitchen has shifted from a place we just used to cook and eat in, to now being a Super Living Kitchen; a place where one minute it will be used to cook dinner, the next it will be used as an art studio for the children, or as a makeshift work-from-home office space. The lines will be blurred further between kitchen and living space, demonstrated here perfectly by @mrs_K_at_the_bridge.

Open Plan Living.

The trend for open plan living will be ongoing. It therefore follows that the kitchen will become a curated space, a place to display art, objects and collections. This will be archived with glass fronted cabinets, open shelving, statement lighting and comfortable seating as people spend more time than ever relaxing here and enjoying the company of loved ones. @the_idle_hands

Creating A Whole New Look.

When purchasing a new kitchen, the actual range you choose will use the lion’s share of your budget so it makes sense to go for a timeless one that will not date. Think of the carcass of your kitchen as a base. With a little careful planning you should love your kitchen for many years to come. It is so easy to update the look of your kitchen inexpensively with your choice of décor and accessories.

I loved styling Magnet’s Luna kitchen in Midnight in my own colourful signature way.

Let’s look at this Luna kitchen and see how we could change the look.We could achieve a minimalist look just by putting everything away in the cupboards, and let this beautiful kitchen speak for itself or we could try and mix things up a bit…

  • Wall colour is one of the simplest things to change. This kitchen would look entirely different if it were painted a warm neutral beige, a vibrant mustard or even a zingy turquoise, just off the top of my head there are three totally different looks and vibes you could achieve with a flick of a paintbrush and let’s not even start on the huge choice of wallpaper out there.
  • Lighting has a big impact on style and can be changed to achieve all manner of effects; industrial black metal ones, and a beautiful sparkly chandelier are poles apart but would give equally striking looks and would change this kitchen into a either a functional space or a relaxing elegant retreat.
  • It doesn’t cost very much to switch the artwork around, or to replace the bar stools.  Imagine how different the space would look if these were jade or pink velvet? Or if the dining chairs were to be changed.

There are endless possibilities to accomplish a whole new look.

5 thoughts on “My Kitchen Trend Preditions for 2021.

  1. Great tips! I love the Super Living Kitchen, but would miss my secret freak out/hide any mishaps/save the washing up til later screen between me and guests-if I were running late…though it’s very welcoming..


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